Thursday, November 4, 2021
Bidpath strives to accelerate their sustainability agenda
At Bidpath we are pleased to announce that we are working with GreenCode as we strive to accelerate our sustainability agenda.

Our fundamental business model is about driving the circular economy by providing auctioneers with industry leading software that allows many types of assets and items to be reused and repurposed. This is intrinsically good from a sustainability point of view as it helps reduce the need for new items to be manufactured and helps reduce waste. However we also accept that like every organisation there is much more we need to do to improve our sustainability performance. This is particularly pertinent this week with COP26 taking place in Glasgow with the requirement for urgent action to deal with the climate emergency. This is an area we are going to take very seriously and with a heightened sense of urgency.

GreenCode is a new scheme that has been established to support organisations that understand their responsibility to do better. Every organisation can do more, no matter what sustainability measures are currently in place. GreenCode invites businesses of all shapes and sizes to ‘Join the Journey’. For further information on the GreenCode initiative please see :

GreenCode — The Global Sustainability Accreditation

At Bidpath we are looking forward to working with GreenCode as we strive to do more.

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