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“I’m definitely more conscious of where I buy things from in the last few years. If a company acts responsibly towards the environment, then it makes a big difference to me, and I know it’s the same for many of my friends too”

Zoe C, 28

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We are an Organisation that prioritises sustainability

“Sustainability is a key part of our firm strategy, and we have set the ambitious target of being net zero by 2025. It is great to see more ways for businesses to assess their carbon footprint, like GreenCode.”

TLT Solicitors

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Latest News
October 11, 2021

GreenCode: A recap of the launch day

Today, GreenCode announced it’s intentions to the world; to support organisations from all industries in a cost-effective and credible manner, using our robust Standards to enhance their sustainability efforts.
October 11, 2021

GreenCode Partners with English Football League

The English Football League (EFL) has today announced the launch of ‘EFL Green Clubs’, a new League wide scheme that will help support Clubs across the country to improve their environmental practices and operations.
October 11, 2021

GreenCode — The Global Sustainability Accreditation

Sustainability has fast become one of the leading priorities in consumer purchasing, with people across the globe having an increasing sense of individual responsibility for actions that impact the environment.
About GreenCode
The GreenCode Standards have been in operation across multiple industries for over 25 years, under the leadership of environmentalist Dale Vince OBE. The Green Britain Group, which encompasses organisations from energy, sport, food production, manufacturing, transport and more, has led the charge to showcase that business and sustainability can (and do) work seamlessly with one another.

Born from this experience and expertise, GreenCode works with organisations of all shapes and sizes on their sustainability journey – through guidance, accreditation and support – to deliver a credible, low cost, easy-to-follow set of standards that will accelerate the efforts of thousands of companies worldwide.

Sustainability doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated or elitist. It’s about embedding its importance into the DNA of an organisation, often with simple changes and continual monitoring and improvements, as and when opportunities become available. GreenCode’s Standards are important for consumers too; there are more environmentally-conscious consumers than ever before, and this will trend will continue.

GreenCode’s accreditation offers a clear and informed way to understand which organisations are making a true effort to improve, allowing for conscious buying decisions to be made.

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